Celebrating the start of summer!

School is out and the pool is open. We are officially celebrating the start of summer. Bear and I are working on a Summer Fun List and my husband and I are working on a summer to do list.

So far we have enjoying a more relaxed schedule, Bear is in camp in the mornings so I can go to work and now we are settling into afternoons together. Right now he is settling into a nap. 6 years old and I think he would gladly go back to napping every day. He would argue and fight it, but he seems to need a midday siesta. I’ve been trying to figure out the best bedtime schedule for our family, summer is a time when we naturally stay up a little later, but we still rise early. I think a few naps a week would be ok for Bear. September, 1st grade and a long school day will be here in a flash though, but I think I will let our natural rhythms lead through June and July. In August we will have to ramp back up to a more school friendly schedule.little lighthouse

How is your summer schedule different than your school year schedule?

The search for very stable, comfy flip flops.

flip flop

I know, super sexy, right? At 6 months pregnant with the pool and beach on my mind I’ve been obsessing over finding flip flops that are comfortable, stable and safe, all the while reasonably priced because by the end of the summer any and all flip flops might be too tight and I will (once again) be reduced to my husband’s old Adidas slides. Thrill a minute over here. You’ll notice “somewhat cute” is even an after thought. I’ve found some flip flops to be very slippery in the past and this year, feeling stable in them is the most important.

When I informally polled my friends almost every person gave a different answer. Favorites included Fit Flops, Clarks, Reef, Nike Comfort Thong, Keen, Teva, Chaco, Sanuks, Rainbows, the list goes on. I wanted a flip flop that I knew wouldn’t slip out of or slip on water while wearing.

Here’s what I was looking at:

FitFlop Women’s Walkstar 3 Metallic Sandal

Keen Women’s Waimea H2 Sandal

Reef Women’s Sandy Flip Flop Sandal

adidas Women’s Chilwyanda FF Sandal

I ended up picking up the adidas Chilwyanda and the Reef Sandy. I was at the local Dick’s Sporting Goods and they don’t carry Keens or FitFlops. I am considering ordering one or the other on-line still. Both the Sandy and the Chilwyanda are very comfortable, but I don’t think I will feel comfortable getting the Chilwyanda wet at the pool or beach. The Sandy seems to be a good all around flip flop, with good traction on the bottom and more support than the average flip flop.

Anybody have a great flip flop recommendation?

* Links are affiliate links, however since I cannot give a strong review on any of them one way or another, I am not telling you to go buy them. Just showing you what I’ve been looking at.

Mom Pants

yoga pantsThere is no need to worry that this could spin out into a fashion blog. What I Wore Wednesdays is a challenge to great for me. In this season of life I keep my wardrobe pretty simple and if nothing else it would quickly dissolve into very repetitive posting. Very repetitive.

I remember as a child, I was amazed my Mom could wear out her black stretch pants (we call them yoga pants today), she would mourn another pairs passing with regularity it seemed. It confounded me, as I couldn’t recall wearing any clothes out. Now I’m 36, and I’ve worn 3 pairs of yoga pants to the point of holes in the last three months. It almost doesn’t seem possible, but the “youngest” of the pants are just older than my 6 year old. I guess 6 years of regular wear and abuse will do that to a pair of pants, add in a little weight gain and you’ve got trouble. And I miss those pants. I haven’t been able to find a good replacement, stretchy, soft, comfy, just right. I had counted on them stretching through this pregnancy and then somehow still fitting after, just like they did before. But no, they are done. I will admit to still wearing them around the house, and today I bent over to get something out of a closet while my husband was sitting behind me. In between his bouts of laughter, he told me he would buy my some new pants. I could feel the breeze, so it must be time. I will miss those yoga pants.

Apps I adore: Dropbox

There are a lot of reasons I love Dropbox (this is a referral link- if you click through and sign up for Dropbox, I would get a little bit a free space love from them- just letting you know).

I first started using Dropbox when I got more involved with my son’s school. I worked on the newsletter and church bulletin this year and often found myself working from different computers. I would email the documents to myself and was constantly double checking to make sure I emailed it and was working from the most current edition. Dropbox saved me more than once this year. You save the file you are working on to Dropbox and it is available on every other computer or device you have Dropbox linked to. And it’s free! There is a paid version that I may upgrade to in the next year, but for now the free version allows enough storage space for me. Dropbox also allows me to easily sync my photos from my iPhone to my computer. I’m on a PC, so iCloud and all of the Mac wonderfulness doesn’t work for me, but I save all my pictures to Dropbox and sync them over super easily.

Google Drive is very similar and easily syncs with all things Google. If you do the paid version, Google Drive is less expensive. Google Drive is $4.99/ month for 100GB while Dropbox is $9.99/ month for 100GB. I do have both installed on my computers, but I do use Dropbox time and time again.