Holiday Cards Project Life

Hello and Welcome!

My favorite app for all things memory keeping is currently on sale for $.99- Becky Higgin’s Project Life (just through the end of October- then it’s back to $2.99- still worth every one of those pennies!). There is a post coming up shortly on scrapbooking with Project Life but for today I’m focusing on a very cool feature- you can easily make Holiday cards!

When you open the app you see a little ribbon in the top right corner, there is the greeting card magic. Click on that and a card pops up. Gently tap the screen and a row of cards appears at the bottom. Scroll to the Holiday cards and choose your favorite. We’re going to go with “Comfort & Joy.” Tap the empty box to zoom in, then tap the picture in the top right-hand corner of the card. This brings up all of your photos. Choose your picture by tapping on it. You can make some minor adjustments with the box in the left-hand corner of the picture. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, as well flip the picture around. There is also the option to edit using PicTapGo. PicTapGo is easy and fun to use, with lots of filters but for our purposes today we will just use the in-app options. I’ll brighten a little and pinch to zoom in a bit. Now just tap outside of your picture to see the whole card. Tap into the red dashed line at the bottom of the picture to write your personal message and sign your name. Use the send arrow in the lower right corner to export your card and save it to your phone. Easy-peasy, done! You can upload your card to wherever you like to print pictures. I like to upload to Vistaprint, choose to print them as postcards, it’s a nice quality of cardstock. They are reasonably priced, fast and you can add a message on the back. If you go the postcard route, you do need to purchase your envelopes separately. This is still a cost savings if you are trying not to spend a fortune on Holiday cards this year.