Mom Pants

yoga pantsThere is no need to worry that this could spin out into a fashion blog. What I Wore Wednesdays is a challenge to great for me. In this season of life I keep my wardrobe pretty simple and if nothing else it would quickly dissolve into very repetitive posting. Very repetitive.

I remember as a child, I was amazed my Mom could wear out her black stretch pants (we call them yoga pants today), she would mourn another pairs passing with regularity it seemed. It confounded me, as I couldn’t recall wearing any clothes out. Now I’m 36, and I’ve worn 3 pairs of yoga pants to the point of holes in the last three months. It almost doesn’t seem possible, but the “youngest” of the pants are just older than my 6 year old. I guess 6 years of regular wear and abuse will do that to a pair of pants, add in a little weight gain and you’ve got trouble. And I miss those pants. I haven’t been able to find a good replacement, stretchy, soft, comfy, just right. I had counted on them stretching through this pregnancy and then somehow still fitting after, just like they did before. But no, they are done. I will admit to still wearing them around the house, and today I bent over to get something out of a closet while my husband was sitting behind me. In between his bouts of laughter, he told me he would buy my some new pants. I could feel the breeze, so it must be time. I will miss those yoga pants.

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