Backing up basics: iPhone edition

I love my iPhone. I use it for all sorts of things- even making phone calls occasionally. What I use it most for is taking pictures of my kids. I back my photos up at least once a month and should probably do it more often. The apps I use to back up are GooglePhotos, Prime Photos and I also upload to Shutterfly. I upload to Costco on a “to be printed” basis. GooglePhotos is free and very easy to use. The photos and videos are stored at a reduced resolution so if that is something that important to you, you might want to consider buying extra storage through Google. After you download the GooglePhoto app and sign in with your Gmail, you can start to back up your photos. Click on “Assitant” in the bottom row and the app automatically starts looking for photos to back up.

You can also backup all of your photos from your computer to GooglePhoto. The default setting for GooglePhotos is private, so nobody can view your photos unless you invite them.

Prime Photos comes with an Amazon Prime membership. It is also an app that you download onto your phone and works very similarly. In the bottom row, you can select “More” and when you open that it shows the app working to upload your pictures. There is unlimited storage for photos but not much available for videos.

It is probably overboard to use both, but we might not always keep Amazon Prime so GooglePhotos is good standard. You can order prints, cards, and books through Prime Photos and you can not yet do that with GooglePhotos.