Quick Craft- Easy Photo Canvas

There are plenty of photo canvas tutorials floating around the internet. It is a brilliant and easy way to hang up photos and enjoy a little bit of crafting. Most of the tutorials involve covering the entire canvas with one picture and Mod Podge. I wanted to use my Instagram prints and maintain some white space. It was super easy, I Mod Podged the canvas, then placed my photo and Mod Podged over it. I worked with one photo at time. After drying it was ready to hang on the wall.

The Online Age- “Sharenting”

Even the Washington Post is talking about recording and preserving family memories. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/parenting/wp/2017/01/22/its-time-to-think-about-how-your-family-records-and-stores-memories/?utm_term=.626591dfabf2

Writer and photographer Stacey Steinberg covers quite a few good tips and ideas on preserving your photos. In the article, she touches upon Facebook privacy and the issues around sharing photos of your children. As a lawyer, she writes extensively on protecting children’s privacy in this internet age. She calls parent online sharing, “Sharenting” and presented research on the topic to the American Academy of Pediatrics at last years AAP conference. She writes at her blog,¬†http://www.staceysteinberg.com/.


Recording Parents & Grandparents stories

I recently started a project with my parents, my in-laws and my older son. Together, we are going to record their life story. I’m hopeful that my son, who is 9 will learn a number of skills through our project, including interviewing & asking questions and understanding why family is so important. He’s a sensitive kid that adores his grandparents and he loves everything “old school” so I think he will really enjoy the project. Fourth graders are busy with homework and extracurricular¬†activities, so this will be an ongoing family project. ¬†We are using the book “Living Legacies- How to Write, Illustrate and Share your life Stories” by Duane Elgin and Coleen LeDrew to inspire and guide us as we gather our families stories. It is a beautiful book but only available through 3rd party sellers right now. Check your library too!